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Email Security and Protection

Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense helps secure your email channel and restore trust to business communications. By simplifying DMARC authentication, it helps stop email fraud and safeguard your trusted domain. And it goes beyond DMARC to give you insight into fraud risks posed by suppliers.

Email is today’s most important business communications channel. It’s also organizations’ No. 1 threat vector. Keep it secure with Email Fraud Defense.


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Learn how Email Fraud Defense gives you the visibility, tools and services you need to authorize legitimate email. And when combined with our industry-leading email gateway, it blocks fraudulent messages before they reach the inbox.

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Features and Benefits

Simplify your DMARC journey without blocking legitimate mail flow

Streamline your DMARC deployment

Dedicated consultants guide you through each step of your rollout. We start with a customizable project plan with guided workflows. Our consultants help:

  • Identify all your legitimate senders and ensure they authenticate properly
  • Recommend and prioritize tasks based on your needs
  • Publish DMARC reject policy that doesn’t block valid email

Getting Started with DMARC

Fully protect your organizations’ reputation

Common business email compromise (BEC) attack tactics include:

  • Domain spoofing: "Company <"
  • Lookalike domain spoofing: "Company <"

We help you prevent fraudsters from sending emails that use your trusted domains—and domains designed to mimic them. Our solution helps you:

  • Get 360-degree visibility across your ecosystem, including emails destined for business gateways and your own gateway
  • Dynamically identify lookalikes of your domains registered by people outside of your organization
  • See which of your domains attackers have attempted to hijack
  • Proactively address malicious lookalikes of your domain with our Virtual Takedown Service

Get visibility into supplier risks

With our solution, you can go beyond DMARC and get visibility into your supplier risk with Supplier Risk Explorer.  We help you:

  • Automatically identify your suppliers
  • See message volume and the email delivered from malicious lookalikes of your suppliers’ domain
  • Assesse and prioritize the risk suppliers pose to your organization, including impostor threats, phishing, malware and spam

Hosted SPF

Our hosted Sender Policy Framework (SPF) service:

  • Helps you overcome the traditional DNS lookup limit of 10
  • Reduces overhead of updating SPF record
  • Updates records in real-time
  • Improves SPF security

Integrate with email gateway

We are the only security vendor that provides a true integration between email authentication and our industry-leading secure email gateway. This integration helps you:

  • Mitigate risks of impostor threats by enforcing DMARC on inbound traffic
  • Verify DMARC reputation of a specific domain, reducing the risk of blocking legitimate email
  • Create override policies for valid email without compromising your security posture

Secure Email Relay Service

Proofpoint Secure Email Relay is an add-on service that secures your application email and accelerates your DMARC implementation. This hosted solution helps you:

  • Secure application email from SaaS providers, such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Workday, that send on your behalf
  • Enable third-party senders to achieve DMARC compliance
  • Secure your trusted domain from being abused by vulnerable email service providers
  • Protect sensitive data in application email with payload encryption and DLP

Support, Services & Training

We offer world-class support, services and training to maximize your investment.

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DMARC Creation Wizard

Our free interactive tool helps you create a real DMARC record. Check your domain’s DMARC record and SPF records.

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