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When it comes to security, it is common practice to authenticate devices, applications, and users. We even authenticate our phone calls with caller ID. If a phone number is not saved in your phone for example, you’re unlikely to answer the call, let alone fall for a scam from a phone number you don’t recognize. As the number one threat vector to businesses, email must be authenticated to restore trust to business communications. Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense gives you the visibility, tools, and services to authorize legitimate email and block fraudulent messages before they reach the inbox.


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Learn how Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense gives you the visibility, tools, and services to authorize legitimate email and block fraudulent messages before they reach the inbox.

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Features and Benefits

Block fraudulent emails before they reach your employees, customers, and partners

Increased Email Fraud and Consumer Phishing Protection

Email scam is rife – it is costing companies billions and phishing attacks are at an all-time high. Fraudsters use various tactics to send these malicious emails and change their tactics regularly to evade solutions that can only stop some email attacks. These tactics are:

  • Domain spoofing: "Company <"
  • Display name spoofing: "Company <"
  • Lookalike domain spoofing: "Company <"

Guide to Stopping Email Fraud

360 Degree Email Fraud Protection

Proofpoint provides a comprehensive solution to protect your employees, customers, and partners from all forms of email fraud. From a single portal, you can see all impostor threats – regardless of the tactic used or the person being targeted.

  • View all inbound impostor threats - such as display name spoofing and lookalike domain spoofing attacks - and block them at the Proofpoint gateway
  • Enforce DMARC authentication quickly and confidently to block fraudulent emails that spoof trusted domains
  • Automatically identify and flag lookalike domains that are registered by third parties and are outside of your control

Getting Started with DMARC

Partner with Proofpoint Professional Services

Implementing email authentication - and maintaining it going forward - can be difficult. Our Professional Services team offers a proven plan to help you on your authentication journey and reduce the risk of blocking legitimate email. Work with a dedicated consultant that has extensive experience across enterprise deployments and receive fully customizable project plans that suit your business needs.

  • Efficiently implement email authentication on your domains and your gateway
  • Take advantage of Proofpoint’s extensive 3rd party email sender knowledge and relationships
  • Ongoing support as your business email practices evolve

Hosted SPF

With Email Fraud Defense’s Hosted SPF, you get the ability to host Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records through Proofpoint. This improves efficiency when making changes to the SPF record and provides you with improved SPF security. It also gives you the ability to overcome traditional SPF lookup limitations.

  • Overcome Traditional SPF lookup limitations
  • Improve SPF security
  • Enhance SPF efficiency when making changes

Support, Services & Training

We offer world-class support, services and training to maximize your investment.

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DMARC Creation Wizard

Interactive tool to create a DMARC record, check your domain’s DMARC record and check your domain’s SPF record.

Create your DMARC record


Email Fraud Defense 360 Degree Visibility

EFD Protects against Imposter email attacks, Business email compromise, and Consumer phishing

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