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woman in scrubs looking at phone
Stop Data Loss

Modernize your data loss prevention program

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Traditional DLP needs to transform

Organizations struggle with the limitations of legacy data loss prevention (DLP) solutions because their content-driven alerts lack insights. Analysts scramble to investigate cross-channel incidents using multiple dashboards and siloed tools, draining resources and wasting valuable time.

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Prevent data loss from careless, compromised and malicious users.

Detect and resolve risks
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Quickly detect and resolve data loss risk across email, cloud and endpoints. Triage all DLP alerts, investigations, and response in a single console.
Scale and maintain
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Deploy quickly, scale automatically and maintain with ease.
Prevent data loss
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Prevent data loss with user behavior and data detection

Key benefits of our stop data loss product

Extend your email DLP to cover broader use cases

Proofpoint’s enterprise DLP approach enables you to extend data detection from email to protect data in cloud and endpoint to address today’s most worrisome use cases, such as protecting cloud data and ensuring the acceptable use of GenAI tools.

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Detect and resolve data loss risk

Accurately identify sensitive content and get deep visibility into user behavior and intent. With Proofpoint, your analysts can decisively assess data loss risk and respond effectively across email, cloud and endpoints. See how users interact with data and what potentially risky tools they download and install.

Detect and Resolve with alerts

Streamline incident response and resolution

With a unified console, your analysts can streamline alert triage on email, cloud, and endpoint. Analyze user activity, file changes, and file sharing to speed up investigations and response. Explorations instantly reveal changing user patterns and risky behavior.

User Activity Summary

Deploy easily, protect user privacy

Thanks to its modern cloud-native architecture and lightweight endpoint agent, Proofpoint is easy to deploy, scale and maintain. It is also engineered with privacy by design. Beyond anonymizing identifying user information and limiting analysts’ access to sensitive data in the console, it also meets data residency requirements across multiple regions.

Managed services that shorten time to value

Let our highly skilled team of experts get you up and running quickly and provide ongoing management. Optimize your technology investment, augment your staff and mature your organization’s data protection strategy.

Key Features

Key features that stop data loss

Insight into user activity and intent

Proofpoint works across managed and unmanaged endpoints and cloud to detect sensitive data (including within images) and reveal user activities, including:

  • File renaming and changes to file extensions
  • Website and application usage
  • USB and web uploads
  • Software downloads and installs (like data backup of hacking tools)
  • Windows registry changes
Use rActivity Insight

Unified console

Build custom explorations to proactively manage data risk with sophisticated search and filtering features. Search for data exfiltration and risky activities, including uploading data to new tools such as generative AI. A timeline view of user activities helps you understand the “who, what, where, when and why” behind each incident.

Unified console reports

Modern cloud-native architecture

Proofpoint can easily scale to hundreds of thousands of users per tenant and works with the rest of your security infrastructure, such as Microsoft, Okta, Splunk, ServiceNow. Centralized policy and administration streamline workflows. And our stable, lightweight user-mode endpoint agent won’t conflict with other security tools.

Granular privacy controls

Flexible access controls ensure analysts only see data on a need-to-know basis. It anonymizes identifying user information and masks sensitive content to protect personal data, ensure privacy and eliminate analysts’ bias. Data centers in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan, can also help you meet data residency and storage rules.


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