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Mitigate Human Risk

Identify, assess,
and mitigate people-based cybersecurity risks

Human-risk aware security that makes your users resilient.

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Without understanding user risk, security controls and awareness programs are blind.

Most cybersecurity issues can be traced back to human error. Although many organizations have security controls and some form of security awareness education in place to mitigate this issue, they lack visibility into where their human risk lies. Without knowing their most vulnerable users, organizations cannot protect them adequately, nor prepare them to recognize and prevent attacks.

of cyber attacks can be traced
back to human error
of working adults took risky actions
to bypass security knowingly
or less of organizations conduct phishing simulations

Unlock full user risk visibility and drive behavior change.

Proofpoint human-centric intelligence provides invaluable insights into vulnerable, privileged, and targeted individuals within the organization, pinpointing those most likely to be compromised and enabling organizations to apply their strongest human-centric controls where they will mitigate the most risk.

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Proofpoint Security Awareness empowers your people with a user-centric and threat-driven program that drives behavior change and builds sustainable security habits.

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Our approach unifies behavioral science-proven nudges, tailored microlearning, and programs that incorporate actual threats faced by employees, driving behavior change and building sustainable security cultures that measurably improve over time.

Identify Risk

Identify vulnerable, attacked, and privileged (VAPs) individuals within the organization and who are most likely to be compromised.

Adaptive Protection

Protect your most risky and privileged used with specific security controls.

Change Unsafe Behavior

Create sustainable security habits by using personalized content for each user’s needs.

Evaluate and Scale

Measure performance and make group wide decisions with multitenant administration.

Report Back

We measure behavioral metrics that matter to your executive leadership.


Turn your employees into active defenders

Focus on true risk within your organization

Proofpoint identifies vulnerable users using multiple methods— we identify what users know with adaptive learning assessments; what users do when faced with threats with phishing simulations that mimic real-world attacks; and what users believe with short and concise assessments.

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Powerful integrations

Integrated with Proofpoint Threat Protection, we unveil Very Attacked People and top clickers. Nexus People Risk Explorer (NPRE) quantifies people risk by considering user vulnerability, attack index, and business privilege, revealing the riskiest users.

Accelerate Response graph

Drive true change and sustainable habits

Proofpoint provides users with a personalized learning experience that aligns with their role, vulnerabilities, competencies, and language. We keep users resilient against today’s threat landscape by educating them on trending threats with our threat-driven content. Proofpoint creates a security awareness culture that results in many customers seeing a 40% decrease in clicks on real world threats and a 90% reduction in malware infections.

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Better Communicate people risk and program impact

Proofpoint Nexus People Risk Explorer gives security executives a comprehensive but simple report summarizing the risk people pose to the rest of the organization. Proofpoint Security Awareness provides behavioral metrics that matter to your executive leadership.

Accelerate threat investigation and response

Proofpoint Security Awareness makes it easy for end users to report suspicious messages. When integrated with Threat Response Auto-Pull, Proofpoint can automate the analysis and remediation of end-user reported emails, thus reducing manual work for the incident
response team.

Key Features

Key features of our Security Awareness Training

Assess user risk through a whole new lens

Proofpoint helps you identify your most vulnerable users, including top clickers and users that are being targeted with a significant volume of attacks. With this, you get a data-driven security awareness program that goes beyond phishing simulation.

We provide you with:

  • Phishing/USB simulations based on real-world threats
  • Knowledge assessments
  • Security culture assessments
  • Reports that identify your Very Attacked People (VAPs)
and top clickers
People Risk Explorer example

A personalized learning experience

The Proofpoint content library provides you with a wide range of educational topics, formats, and support materials. With our rich threat intelligence, our solution helps users understand real-world security risks, privacy threats and compliance rules. You can now create a truly global training program that users across different functions, regions and languages will understand.

Personalized Learning experience

Measure program success and user vulnerability

Proofpoint allows you to effectively measure your program’s progress over time with metrics. With Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, you can:

  • Can track behavior for both simulations and
real emails (even in real time)
  • View a single dashboard that captures behavior
change and reveals user vulnerability.
  • Get benchmarks against industry peers.
Measure Success

Real time coaching

Reinforce positive user behavior with just-in-time training like Teachable Moment and Phish Hooks.

CISO Dashboard

Our CISO dashboard provides C-level visibility, making it easier to gather and communicate program performance and impact to the board.

Phish Alarm

Proofpoint accelerates threat response by automatically analyzing user-reported messages. We make it easier for end users to report suspicious messages, even when they’re accessing email via mobile devices.

Easily expand and scale your program

Proofpoint Security Awareness Enterprise gives you the power of automation and scalability. With our multitenant administration capabilities, you can group-wide decisions, while also branding your security awareness content in 40+ different languages.


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Turn people into your best defense

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