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Proofpoint Federal cyber security solutions

Cybersecurity for Federal Government Agencies


Federal agencies are providing more direct-to-citizen communications and services via the internet than ever before. Success depends on your ability to safeguard your frontlines against fraud, advanced threats, and data loss while fostering citizen trust.

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Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Solutions

Proofpoint supports the DHS CDM program with a security platform and threat intelligence to defend your agency against advanced threats and help you protect sensitive data from loss.  We protect your critical information and equip you with the right intelligence and tools to respond quickly when things go wrong.


Proofpoint Advanced Email Security includes Email Fraud Defense to provide complete protection against advanced threats and targeted attacks, including those that target citizens and employees by spoofing your email domain. For Federal agencies looking to comply with the DHS BOD 18-01 mandate, Email Fraud Defense provides the most comprehensive and effective solution for DMARC authentication.

Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness

Protect your people and data. Proofpoint Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness helps you test and educate your employees about email  attack tactics. Powered by Wombat Security, a Gartner MQ leader, it gives you an added layer of security to:

  • Increase awareness, change users’ behavior, and reduce risk with interactive training
  • Reduce the number of successful phishing attacks and malware infections
  • Prevent future security breaches

Threat Protection in Personal Email

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Isolation Personal Webmail Defense protects you and your users across personal webmail and browsing activities across the broader web. It detects both known and new, never-before seen attacks—fundamentally changing the way you mange personal webmail offering:

  • External content does not touch end-point
  • Nothing needs to be installed on end-point
  • Negligible latency
  • No impact on visual user experience
  • Does not require multiple OS instances for multiple browsing sessions


Proofpoint Federal cyber security solutions

FedRAMP-certified Information Archive

IT teams struggle to retain, access, discover, and dispose of content in compliance with today's evolving regulations. Our FedRAMP-certified information archiving solution helps U.S. government agencies to meet increasingly complex regulatory guidance—such as National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) Capstone—to improve data capture, and achieve legally defensible retention and disposition.

Works with your security ecosystem

We work with industry leading technology and channel partners for complete security visibility and protection. Palo Alto Networks partnership provides coordinated detection and protection throughout network, endpoint, cloud, email, and social media platforms.​ With prebuilt Splunk integrations, security teams work more efficiently, enhance security, and respond more quickly and effectively to incidents.

Proofpoint Advances Towards FedRAMP and Common Criteria Certification for Security Solutions

Proofpoint is investing in Federal certifications as part of our deep commitment to protecting the U.S. Government from the constant onslaught of cyberthreats.  As agencies move to the cloud, attack vectors have adjusted accordingly.

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San Diego, CA

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