Combat Email and Cloud Threats

Email and Cloud Security Everywhere Your People Work

Block Phishing Attacks
Block Phishing Attacks
Secure Cloud Accounts
Secure Cloud Accounts
Remediate and Educate
Remediate and Educate

Get Insight

Understand who is being attacked and how

Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) reveals which employees are most attacked and empowers you to protect them from advanced URL, attachment and cloud-based email threats. 

  • Identify your Very Attacked People™ (VAPs) so you can implement risk mitigation controls.
  • Get executive-level reports that reveal how much more or less attacked your organization is compared to other companies.
  • Fight email threats like malware and credential phishing by identifying and sandboxing suspicious URLs and attachments.
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No Entry

Secure the gateway and protect email

Email Protection provides multiple layers of security to detect and block malware and non-malware threats. 

  • Gain control with advanced email filtering and raise user awareness with email warning tags.
  • Protect against compromised accounts with internal email defense.
  • Stop business email compromise (BEC), phishing and ransomware attacks with multi-layered detection such as AI-based detection of imposter email. 
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Inbox Cleanup

Automate incident response to more quickly remediate threats

Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) saves your security team time and accelerates investigation and triage. 

  • Quarantine malicious, time-delayed messages post-delivery.
  • Follow and retract messages that get forwarded. 
  • Automate investigation and remediation of user-reported messages in the abuse mailbox.
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Change User Behavior

Help your people protect your organization

Deliver the right security training to the right people and transform your users into active defenders against social engineering and phishing attacks.  

  • Run a targeted program that educates your most vulnerable and attacked users. 
  • Leverage threat intelligence to guide education and guard against targeted and emerging threats. 
  • Turn end users into active defenders that report potential attacks and reduce your organization’s attack surface.
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Defend your Domain

Protect your brand with Email Fraud Defense

Authorize legitimate senders and prevent spoofing from email fraud attacks.

  • Simplify your DMARC implementation with world-class support from Proofpoint experts.
  • Prevent abuse of your brand by identifying lookalike domains across multiple digital channels.
  • Gain visibility into supplier risk, including threats sent to you from supplier domains and lookalikes of your suppliers’ domains.
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No Compromises

Stop account takeover with Cloud App Security Broker

Identify suspicious activity in cloud applications, block advanced cloud threats and protect from account takeovers with Proofpoint CASB:

  • Remediate suspicious logins across any modern cloud app using SAML authentication
  • Analyze forensics and conduct investigations with our intuitive, people-centric, and timeline-based dashboard.
  • Leverage our threat intelligence, user behavior analytics and integrations with Proofpoint TAP to build intelligent policies for your organization
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Secure Browsing

Prevent web threats and data loss with Web Security

Protect your people’s web activity from sophisticated cyber threats and data loss with Proofpoint Web Security.

  • Prevent credential theft, downloading zero-day malware and command-and-control communications, leveraging intelligence from Proofpoint Nexus Threat Graph
  • Block access to, or isolate, noncompliant, suspicious and malicious sites with integrated Browser Isolation
  • Get real-time data loss protection from personal webmail and unapproved SaaS apps across channels
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