Mobile Operators

Make Your Messaging Environment a Secure Environment

Defense with unprecedented control
Protection from the multiple strategies attackers use to move messages through the ecosystem.
Industry-leading content filtering
Ensure messaging campaign traffic is part of an approved commercial messaging campaign.
Exceptional operation and deployment
Quickly launch and configure a solution tailored to provide carrier class service.

Powered by Intelligence

Powerful cloud-enabled protection

1 +
mobile operators and 100+ ISPs in our network
second threat updates for near-instantaneous blocking of new attacks
1 +
billion messages filtered daily
1 %
focused on messaging security

New methods of messaging demand more advanced security

With attackers looking to maximize their reach, they are looking more frequently to SMS, MMS, and RCS vectors. Their methodologies are growing more sophisticated and frequent every day. Cloudmark, a Proofpoint company, helps mobile operators protect subscribers, using the power of attack grouping, machine learning, a unique spam reporting platform and the Cloudmark Global Threat Network.

People-centric security for mobile operators with Proofpoint and Cloudmark

Secure your messaging platform

Gain visibility and block attacks as they arise, regardless of obfuscation and evolving tactics.

  • The most complete and accurate texting / SMS / MMS / RCS mobile defense solution.
  • Includes reputation tracking, advanced content filtering and predictive analysis.
  • Maintain mobile user trust and prevent revenue loss.
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Defend emerging RCS platforms

Rich Communication Services (RCS) will soon dominate interactive business messaging, and are already a target for attackers.

  • Defend against spam, smishing, malware and yet unseen types of attacks.
  • Offer superior protection to subscribers.
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Block the grey routes

Stop senders and aggregators from sending bulk messages outside of approved frameworks.

  • Ensure all commercial traffic uses approved and vetted paths.
  • Prevent mobile messaging fraud and revenue loss.
  • Deploy Cloudmark’s complete A2P mobile phone security solution.
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Fortify your email to SMS gateway

As attackers refine their methods to deliver unwanted and dangerous messages, additional protections for email to SMS are essential through Cloudmark’s multi-layered solution.

  • Stop all forms of social engineering-based email attacks, including spam, phishing and more.
  • Offered in both cloud-based and on-premises form factors.
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