Enterprise Protection: Anti-Spam Effectiveness

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Anti-Spam Filter Effectiveness

Is Your Current Anti-Spam Filter Solution Providing this Level of Protection?

If your organization's current email security solution doesn't provide this high level of anti-spam protection, contact Proofpoint for a free spam audit, which will help you understand the volume of spam that your existing anti-spam solution is failing to detect and provide you with valuable information to help build the business case for moving to Proofpoint.

The chart below shows an example of actual anti-spam effectiveness for Proofpoint Spam Detection technology, used in the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection email security suite for a period of 190 days.

What Does this Spam Detection Chart Show?

This chart shows the daily effectiveness of Proofpoint Spam Detection technology, measured against Proofpoint's global network of spam "honeypots," which collect millions of unique spam messages per day. For each day, the value shown represents the percentage of messages in Proofpoint's honeypots that are correctly identified as spam. So, a data point at 99.8 indicates that, on that day, Proofpoint MLX technology correctly identified 99.8% of spam messages, almost spam-free!

The chart shows the general level of effectiveness that Proofpoint delivers to customers in actual anti-spam filtering deployments. While the volumes and types of spam that hit each customer system are unique, Proofpoint MLX technology delivers extremely accurate defense against all types of spam and all customers experience very similar levels of protection to those shown above.

In many real-world deployments, Proofpoint provides even higher anti-spam effectiveness. The effectiveness data above considers only the content scanning accuracy of the Proofpoint MLX spam detection engine. In real-world deployments, the additional spam protection afforded by Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation technology can boost effectiveness even higher.


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