Michael McGrath

Senior Director, Compliance and Archiving EMEA

Dr. McGrath has over 25 years of experience in AL and ML, regulation, financial services, and organizational transformation. He is an experienced and award-winning leader, author, researcher and practitioner who started his career at IBM Research and has been working in financial services and large enterprises for the past 25 years.

Currently, he is leading Proofpoint's Compliance and Archiving business in EMEA, where he helps customers, regulators, and technology experts utilize advanced technology to achieve better compliance, information and cost management for enterprises.

Dr. McGrath holds a bachelor's degree in applied computer science from the South East Technological University, his master's degree from the Smurfit Business School and a doctorate from Cranfield University. He was awarded the gold medal for research by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for his research on applying neural networks to investment decision-making.

Apart from his professional life, Dr. McGrath also has a passion for photography, about which he has written a book and two books on merger and acquisition management. He resides near London with his wife and three children.