Proofpoint Security Tools For Remote Teams to Help Protect Your People During COVID-19

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The past few months have been unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. The quick transition to working from home as well as caretaking and homeschooling has led to a spike in changes around how we work, juggle schedules and support our teams while keeping our organizations running.

Proofpoint remains committed to partnering with our customers during this unprecedented time, and we want to extend an offer to ensure your employees have a secure and compliant work environment.

How to Maintain Security When Employees Work Remotely with Proofpoint:

1. Secure Your Remote Workforce

As organizations shift to remote work, Proofpoint is offering all Proofpoint Enterprise customers free access to our cloud-delivered secure remote access solution, Proofpoint Meta, until September 30th, 2020, to help relieve the pressure around scaling access to your applications. This is the same solution we also provide to our employees who are working remotely. If you are interested in enabling Proofpoint Meta, please contact your Proofpoint account manager.

2. Reinforce Security Awareness While Working from Home

To help employees raise their awareness around threats related to COVID-19, our Security Awareness Training team has also assembled educational content such as campaign plan and materials, videos and posters that can be accessed for free and distributed to your employee population.

3. Protect Compliance Around Remote Workers and Zoom

In addition, with the increasing use of Zoom for remote workers, we recognize that regulatory and governance requirements do not go away. As such, we welcome all organizations to use our Zoom Compliance Capture solution for free until December 31, 2020, to deliver Zoom content to your archive of choice.

4. Stay Updated on Best Practices and Advice

We also encourage you and your team to follow our blog where our teams are sharing best practices for securing a remote workforce, how best to use Proofpoint products and providing insights into attacks that are taking place. To make it easy, we’ve been intentional in our writing to give step-by-step instructions or provide “copy-and-paste” content to be re-used.

We will get through this together and our teams will continue to provide help to keep your most valuable assets—your people—compliant and secure.