Insider Threat Management

Kernel Mode Agent Got You Down? Alternatives to DLP System Crashes

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Our customers have often complained about difficulties maintaining their data loss prevention (DLP) tools. Unfortunately,  “Blue Screens of Death” are all too common. A recent Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) version update causing endpoint crashes highlighted the pain commonly felt with legacy endpoint control tools. 

DLP solutions are often primary offenders, as they attempt to inspect every file movement by comparing it to a large and complicated ruleset. Add the extra burden of having to stop data movement processes in real-time, and it’s no wonder their customers seem to need a team member dedicated to user endpoint issues! 

Now, IT and security teams are forced to hear end user frustration with no good solutions until the vendor finally provides a path forward. In the meantime, users are unable to complete daily tasks. Some users may become frustrated enough to circumvent the DLP solution altogether, negating its potential positive security impacts.

Proofpoint realized this problem with legacy endpoint tools. We’ve built our Insider Threat Management platform as a lightweight agent to monitor both user and data activity, so it’s easy on the endpoint and nothing slips through the cracks. 

The advantages are clear: Proofpoint typically maintains under 3% CPU usage as a daily average; experiences few conflicts with user actions or applications; and is minimally disruptive to the user, with silent installations on user endpoints. Yet, we provide comprehensive detection and response capabilities to complement your prevention capabilities. 

So, if kernel mode DLP solutions have you feeling the heat from business stakeholders, check out other customers who replaced their DLP solutions with Proofpoint ITM