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Proofpoint Keylogger Sneak Peak!

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Corporate keyloggers track and record an employee’s computer activity for the purposes of monitoring, root cause analysis, forensic investigation and regulatory auditing. This video demonstrates the next generation of corporate keylogging.

Going far beyond simply recording the keys pressed on a keyboard, Proofpoint’s advanced keylogging generates video recordings of all on-screen activity — including every key press and mouse click .

Furthermore, any portion of any recording is directly accessible via keyword search. With Proofpoint ITM, you can replay a video of exactly what every user did on a computer, AND you can jump directly to relevant portions of recordings by searching for particular activities based on text entries, launched programs run, opened windows, system commands executed, etc.

Unlike other keyloggers, Proofpoint ITM records — and provides search capability — for specific text entries made anywhere in the system, whether made by typing, editing, keyboard shortcuts, auto-complete or even copy and paste via the Windows clipboard.