Configurable Module Allows Orgs to Train Based on Password Policies

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Last week, we announced an exciting industry first: the launch of a configurable security awareness training module that allows organizations to educate their users to create strong, effective passwords that comply with specific company policies. The Password Policy module is the latest reflection of our vision to deliver dynamic cybersecurity education content while preserving our commitment to the research-proven Learning Science Principles that help to drive knowledge retention, change behavior, and reduce risk.

Our first step in allowing organizations to deliver personalized educational content was realized with the introduction of our Training Jackets, which give administrators the flexibility to add custom content to the beginning and end of each Wombat training module. Our new Password Policy training module takes customization a big step forward by providing:

  • the ability to configure training to match individual password policies;
  • universal best practices in password creation, helping raise understanding of the risks related to ineffective passwords; and
  • dynamic adjustments to the content that is taught and assessed based on configuration settings, to ensure end users are skilled at creating strong, compliant passwords. 

The Password Policy module is the first in a series of new modules that will examine password and authentication techniques. Future modules will add to the content, with topics that will include password management tools, passphrases, PINs, and multi-factor authentication. In addition, future training customization options will include the ability to modify the passing score in each lesson and to disable content that may not align with company policies.

In speaking about the new module, Wombat President and CEO Joe Ferrara said, “Leading the market in security education innovation is paramount, and Wombat has a rich history in heading that charge. Our unique product vision is to deliver customization options while preserving the educational integrity of our content, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the rollout of this Password Policy module, and it’s what we will continue to do with future customizable content.”