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Welcome to the CISO Hub. This month, get an inside look at what our Resident CISO Team predicts for 2023.  

For CISOs expecting a calmer threat landscape after two years of pandemic-fueled turmoil, 2022 was bound to disappoint. State-sponsored threat actors took advantage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict to launch attacks, Microsoft wavered on its timeline to block macros, cryptocurrency theft set new records and Emotet returned with new tricks.  

Attackers continue to find new doors to open, so planning is critical for CISOs looking to stay ahead. The end of the year is a good time to reflect on lessons learned and collaborate on strategies to manage risk in the coming months.   

In the CISO Perspective blog, our Resident CISO team offers its predictions for 2023. Our in-house experts explore what these future trends mean for security leaders—and what you can do to prepare.  

No matter what 2023 has in store, one of your best defenses is a well-equipped user base. Download this month's free resource, our 2023 Best Practices Awareness Kit, to educate your users on recognizing and combatting the attacks they're most likely to face in the new year. 

And as always, be sure to register for our featured event to hear more from our resident CISOs.  

Insights Resource of the Month
2023 Best Practices Awareness Kit

As we head into 2023, make sure your users are aware of common cybersecurity attacks and how to report them.

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