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Welcome to the CISO Hub. Gain insights about current CISO challenges and priorities as shared in our 2023 Voice of the CISO report.

CISOs are constantly adapting as new risks emerge and threat actors take advantage of new trends to wreak havoc. The past year was no exception. With their organizations returning to “business as usual” after two years of pandemic chaos, CISOs have recalibrated their view of preparedness. They are now back to the mindset they had early in the pandemic, according to Proofpoint’s new 2023 Voice of the CISO report.

Proofpoint surveys CISOs around the globe every year for insights into their current state of preparedness, challenges, and security priorities. The 2023 survey reveals that following a brief period of calm, security leaders now feel less confident in their security postures, signaling a return to the elevated level of concern they faced at the start of the pandemic. Further, we learned that CISOs are experiencing high levels of burnout and other personal challenges that make their jobs increasingly unsustainable.

Some of the answers also gave us hope. More CISOs now feel they see eye-to-eye with their boards on cyber issues, signaling an improvement in an area that sorely needs it. 

The survey reached 1,600 CISOs across different industries in 16 countries. We invite you to read it for an insightful view of your peers’ sentiments on topics such as data protection, cyber preparedness, board relationships, defense posture, and more.

To share these insights with others, download the slide deck below that walks through the report’s key findings.


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2023 Voice of the CISO Report

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Burnout is something we've been talking more and more about within CISO circles and in the industry broadly for the last few years. And it's not surprising to see that the overall mounting pressures for CISOs is making their job increasingly unsustainable.

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