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Welcome to the CISO Hub. Learn about the implications of supply chain and third-party risk. 

Third-party risk is a top-of-mind concern for many CISOs, following the wave of supply chain attacks in the past couple of years. Supply chain compromises are not only difficult to prevent—considering that you have limited visibility into your partners’ security posture—but are also costlier than data breaches. While third-party risk is nothing new, there seems to be a growing trend of malicious actors weaponizing our trust in our partners. In the digital economy, every organization’s ecosystem of vendors and suppliers is a complex web of relationships, and threat actors have learned that exploiting weaknesses in this web could produce a greater return on investment.

It is also well-known in the security industry that the common processes organizations use to vet their partners’ security posture are inadequate. Unfortunately, our adversaries have also discovered these shortcomings and are taking full advantage while we think of ways to solve the problem. According to the 2023 predictions from our Resident CISO team, we should expect weaponization of trust to become a common practice.

One way that organizations are approaching supply chain risk mitigation is through vendor consolidation. This strategy can be effective, but you also must consider the implications, such as the risks of relying heavily on a small number of security vendors.

To explore this topic further, download our PowerPoint presentation that explores how to mitigate and manage supply-chain attacks throughout the trade lifecycle.


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Mitigating and managing supply-chain attacks throughout the trade lifecycle

Download this PowerPoint presentation that explores how to mitigate and manage supply-chain attacks throughout the trade lifecycle.

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