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Welcome to the CISO Hub. This month, we have top insights for you from 1,400 CISOs around the globe. 

The Proofpoint resident CISO team is excited to share the launch of the 2022 Voice of the CISO Report, which recaps another challenging and disruptive year in the threat landscape.   

VP & Global Resident CISO Lucia Milică joins the Protecting People podcast to discuss highlights from this year's report and the power of knowledge sharing within the CISO community. In the CISO perspective blog post, Lucia also shares what survey results surprised her the most by comparing data from the last two years. Be sure to register for our featured events to hear more from our resident CISOs and continue to visit the hub for the latest insights, research and tools. 

Download this month's free presentation featuring key findings from the report that you can incorporate into your own presentations. And finally, below are quotes collected from CISOs across the globe sharing their perspectives and what they're focusing on in today's evolving threat landscape.    

"Now more than ever, the focus of the CISO must be to communicate, educate, and remediate risks at the human layer. Whereas we used to think of the network edge as being the primary endpoint to secure, the endpoint of today's decentralized, remote workforce is with the user. Threats don't just come through the corporate network anymore. Now they can be through social media, mobile devices, and other channels we didn't have to think about as much in the past. Users must be made aware of the risks that can affect them through multiple channels."   

- Jason Cox  

Chief Information Security Officer, Elevate Textiles   

"Third party and supply chain risk is the fastest growing risk segment for most CISOs. While we have strategies for enterprise and OT networks, CISOs will need to extend those strategies to their partners in order to ensure their data is being handled securely. Combining these efforts with strong preparedness such as incident response planning and practice will help build resilience in an ever expanding data ecosystem."

- Mandy Huth  

Vice President, Cybersecurity, Kohler 

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Voice of the CISO: Highlights and Executive Briefing Slides

The 2022 Voice of the CISO report explores how CISOs are adjusting amid one of the most challenging times in a generation. Download our PowerPoint slides for key insights you can share in your presentations.

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