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Welcome to the CISO Hub. This month, gain insight into national cybersecurity legislative and policy issues. 

Last month the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) hosted its fifth annual National CISO Policy Conference. Our resident CISO team accompanied the impressive lineup of speakers and guests to discuss today's top national security deliberations that drive legislative and policy agendas. 

Proofpoint Global Resident CISO Lucia Milică and Patrick Gaul, NTSC Executive Director, joined the Protecting People podcast to discuss their takeaways from this year's conference. In the CISO Perspective blog, Lucia breaks down a few notable conference topics, such as the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) and the potential impacts of the SEC cyber risk reporting ruling on organizations.

Check out this month's resource to better understand how to stay compliant with today's privacy and data rules.

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