3 Tips Every Brand Should Know To Make Their Social Media Presences More Secure

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Social media is a communication channel imperative for most enterprise businesses today. While many organizations are still struggling to perfect their social media strategies, hackers and hijackers are demonstrating their social talent through an alarming rate of incidents.  Securing your social media accounts is critical to protecting your brand reputation, social marketing ROI, and addressing compliance requirements.

Here are a few tips for stopping social media account hacks:

Map Your Social Infrastructure: If you don’t know what accounts you have, you can’t protect them. Use technology to continuously scan for branded accounts, including accounts that could be used in phishing or targeted attacks against employees, partners, and fans.

Minimize Your Attack Area: Reduce the number of users, admins, and apps on your social accounts. Implement a social media security solution to monitor users, apps, and accounts for changes and enforcing policy.

Respond to Incidents Immediately: Take swift and immediate action to expunge unwanted content, including that posted by a hacker. Utilize automated technology to act instantaneously after a hack, to address the problem, and put your social accounts back on the right track.

Want to learn more? Check out our SlideShare for more details on stopping social media account hacks. See the latest social media security technology innovations at Proofpoint TAP for Social Discover.