Upgrade Your Symantec Email Security to Proofpoint

Three Reasons to Replace Your Symantec Solution Right Now

Attackers continue to evolve at a relentless pace despite—and in many cases because of—the unprecedented global pandemic we’re living through right now. In fact, COVID-19 is a perfect example of how quickly attackers can leverage and manipulate a piece of information to launch a variety of different attacks including business email compromise (BEC), credential phishing, email account compromise (EAC), malware and spam email campaigns.

Because attackers never stop, relying on Symantec—a security provider that has effectively stopped supporting its customers—puts your organization at great risk. To understand the extent of that risk, here are three reasons why you should switch security solutions right now.

1) Your Employees are Vulnerable to Attacks that Abuse Legitimate File Sharing Services 

As organizations adopt cloud applications and services, attackers are also adopting established cloud applications. Proofpoint has observed an increase in attacks originating from legitimate file sharing services like Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive. Rather than building their own infrastructure, threat actors use these legitimate services to host and distribute malware and launch phishing attacks. These tactic takes advantage of our predisposition to click links so we can collaborate on shared content and the inability of most organizations to blacklist legitimate services.

Symantec does not have the capability to protect you against this kind of legitimate file sharing attack, leaving your users extremely vulnerable as they collaborate on content.

2) Your Organization is Exposed to Complex, Multistage Attacks

Attackers continuously adapt their tactics, and their campaigns continue to increase in complexity. To successfully protect your organization in today’s threat landscape, your security solution must recognize and prevent increasingly complex, multistage attacks. 

Proofpoint has observed messages using URLs to distribute malware consistently outnumber attachments to distribute malware. Part of why threat actors choose URLs is because they can mask increasingly complex infection chains that make detection more difficult. Attackers can poison a URL post-delivery. And they can hide the actual payload through several hops. For example, the initial link in the email takes you to SharePoint which hosts another file that contains a link that takes you to phishing site.

This shift from single-stage malware distribution to more sophisticated multistage or modular attacks is dangerous for your company without integrated security protections in place. Unfortunately, Symantec isn’t investing in email security basics, let alone innovations to keep up with more complex, multi-stage attacks. 

3) Your Company is an Attractive Target for BEC and EAC Attacks

Staying with Symantec increases your risk for the most financially damaging email and cloud-based attacks.

BEC has cost companies around the world over $26 billion and is responsible for more cyber insurance claims than any other threat, including ransomware. They are so difficult to detect because they don’t have a malicious payload and rely on social engineering. 

In addition, there are more attacks on O365 and GSuite accounts than ever before. And as organizations continue to adopt these cloud collaboration and communication platforms, they become a ripe target for attackers. Once attackers have compromised these accounts (EAC), they not only can attack your employees, they can do all sorts of damage: launching BEC, phishing and malware attacks internally to colleagues or externally to suppliers and customers, installing 3rd party applications with a persistent OAuth token and exfiltrating sensitive data via email forwarding or downloading files. 

To effectively defend against BEC and EAC attacks, you need a multi-layered security solution that can identify and stop impostor messages, prevent your trusted domain from being spoofed, protect against compromised cloud accounts, provide visibility into the people that represent BEC/EAC risk, automate remediation and train your users to spot and report unsafe messages. Only Proofpoint provides a comprehensive BEC and EAC solution to help protect your organization from these costly attacks. Symantec simply cannot offer that layered protection, leaving your company dangerously exposed.

The Time to Migrate from Symantec is Now

Today’s multifaceted, adaptive threat landscape requires a solution that can stay one step ahead. Symantec’s email gateway has lagged for years in effectiveness against even basic phishing, malware and BEC attacks. And now, with Broadcom’s focus on endpoint, DLP and web security combined with over $1B in cuts to R&D and sales, it’s unlikely Symantec will invest to address the security gaps outlined above. Symantec customers are exposed more than ever to today’s complex threat landscape—and every one of them should be proactively looking for alternatives.

To help you address your security gaps, please reach out to us for a free, simple assessment. We can also deploy Proofpoint solutions for 30 days at no cost to your organization so you can experience our technology in action. Sign up for a free trial here.