College of Medicine Implements Preventive Medicine Against Advanced Email Threats

The college of medicine is a renowned private health sciences university with activities spanning the full range of healthcare. Protecting academic, personal health, and proprietary research information is integral to the college’s operations and reputation. The college chose Proofpoint to help it identify and block email threats before they cause lasting harm.

“Email delivery has become the primary vector for delivering malware, phishing attempts, and social engineering threats,” said the IT Manager for the college. “We knew that the volume of malicious email we saw was only the tip of the iceberg. That just wasn’t good enough.”

The team chose Proofpoint as its email gateway and to stop advanced threats that deliver malicious URLs and attachments. The college also trusts Proofpoint to encrypt confidential data ranging from Protected Health Information (PHI) to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Ensuring sensitive information be handled appropriately to meet compliance mandates such as HIPAA.

Being able to respond to incidents was important. Visibility into threats and user interaction was a priority for the college. The team estimates that they see at least 75% fewer compromised accounts since moving to Proofpoint and can act much quicker to remediate the few that do occur.

“We see what Proofpoint blocks and can use that information to update other security tools,” the IT Manager said. “In case something does get in, the rest of our security architecture is better positioned to protect us.”

Download the case study to learn how the college of medicine:

  • Defended against advanced threats with no impact to users
  • Reduced email compromises by 75%
  • Identified malicious email interactions immediately, instead of taking days or weeks
  • Began automating the incident response process

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