Foods Company Reins in Social Media Account Sprawl and Automates Content Moderation

When one of the world’s largest consumer goods brands expanded into social media, it quickly found itself engaged in a less rewarding activity: policing profanity and offensive content across a sprawling collection of social media accounts, many of them impostors. As the company’s social pages became popular, they also attracted “negative attention seekers” who flooded them with profanity and offensive content.

The company attempted an audit as a starting point to manage its social brand presence. However, the company markets in more than 100 countries on six continents, so discovering the company’s social footprint became a difficult, manual undertaking. Each region and food brand were managing separate social accounts. It lacked a central reporting structure for its social media engagement.

Download this case study to learn how this consumer goods company:

  • Identified 1,590 accounts linked to the brand, including 1,527 unauthorized accounts
  • Gained real time protection from security risk and harmful content
  • Deleted 332 “profanity attack” posts per day on one social account
  • Preserved corporate brand reputation

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