Kelsey-Seybold Fights Fraud with Email Fraud Defense and Closes the Gap on Advanced Threats with Integrated Protection

All eyes are on Kelsey-Seybold as the first Accountable Care Organization in the US. Unfortunately, this also includes bad actors that want to impersonate their brand. The engineering team knew email was the number one way threats where getting in. They sought a solution to protect their brand and integrate with web and email security to systematically block threats in all areas.

To learn more about what you need to do to protect your organization from advanced threat and email fraud, download the Kelsey-Seybold Case Study.


  • Stop spam and malicious threats from reaching users’ mailboxes
  • Streamline incident response
  • Protect health and patient data
  • Ensure that all email sent under the clinic’s name is authorized


  • Proofpoint Email Protection
  • Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense
  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection with URL Defense and Attachment Defense
  • Proofpoint Threat Response
  • Proofpoint Email Encryption
  • Proofpoint Email DLP


  • Stopped spam, malicious attachments, and blocked malicious URL links
  • Automated incident response steps to save hours of time and enhance user productivity
  • Improved visibility and forensics to potential malicious threats when combined with Palo Alto Networks API
  • Regained control over email domains to block fraudulent email
  • Strengthened data protection with encryption and DLP



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