Proofpoint Payoner Remote Access

Proofpoint Meta provides scalable, high-performance connectivity

Payoneer’s digital platform streamlines global commerce for millions of small businesses, marketplaces and enterprises in 200 locations. They deliver a suite of services: cross-border payments, working capital, tax solutions and risk management.

The Challenge

Payoneer employees needed faster, more secure remote access to cloud applications and to resources in three data centers. The existing VPN solution was too hard to manage and slowed down productivity.

Payoneer employs more than 1,400 people in 17 global offices. When working offsite, users needed secure remote access to resources in all three data centers in the U.S. and Israel. One-third of users required remote access to cloud applications hosted in Azure and SaaS. They connected to the data center via VPN where traffic was backhauled to the cloud. The Pulse Secure VPN solution was too complex to manage, was not built to scale and did not offer a seamless user experience.

Payoneer faced three major challenges:

  • Multiple data centers: For IT, it was complicated to manage the VPN deployments in each data center location and to satisfy user requirements. Users had to choose which data center to access or had to go through a VPN concentrator, which slowed them down.
  • Scalability: As Payoneer expanded its services, they looked for a solution that would grow to suit their needs. The Pulse Secure solution required an investment of additional resources for deployment and onsite technical support visits in order to scale.
  • Complicated deployment and onboarding: Payoneer needed a cross-platform solution (Mac and Windows) that provided a mobile solution out of the box.

The Solution

“We found that Meta’s software-defined perimeter provides unrivaled segment-of-one application access.” - Yaron Weiss, VP of corporate security and global IT operations

Proofpoint Meta leverages a cloud-native global backbone to provide scalable, high-performance connectivity anytime and from any location where Payoneer does business.

Easy deployment: Meta is easy to deploy. All it takes is loading a MetaPort and running one onboarding command per data center or cloud environment. The team sets the policies and enjoys a connected and accessible LAN/VNet.

Comprehensive onboarding: The Proofpoint team handled all the “heavy lifting” of user onboarding and resource provisioning. They wrote migration scripts to import and adapt legacy policies from Pulse Secure.

Microsegmentation and identity-based access: Instead of spending time on firewall configurations, Meta provides seamless virtual microsegmentation of the data center and cloud LAN/VNet for granular identity- based access.

Responsive team: The Proofpoint team is approachable, highly professional, invites feedback and aims to meet the specific business need of their customers.

The Results

Simplified management

Proofpoint Meta unifies network and security policies for easier management using a centralized, API-based management UI.

Secure remote access

With Meta acting as a gateway, Payoneer is not exposed to outside threats. Their remote users access the Meta overlay and authenticate and access resources according to their identity, which significantly reduces the attack surface.

One logical network

Proofpoint Meta acts as the central fabric through which all Payoneer network elements are consumed and managed. For users, the physical location of resources is transparent.

Enhanced security

With Proofpoint Meta’s software-defined perimeter, the Payoneer IT team can customize access policies for individual applications and resources per user group. Unless explicit access to a resource is granted, it is invisible to the user.