Dynamic Yield

Proofpoint Meta simplifies access to customers across multiple geos

Dynamic Yield allows marketers to automatically personalize each customer interaction across the web, mobile web, mobile apps and email. The company personalizes the experiences of more than 600 million users, with a customer base that includes industry leaders like IKEA, Urban Outfitters, Ocado and Stitch Fix.

The Challenge

The organization needed an easier, secure way for its customer success team to connect with its customers across geos worldwide.

Dynamic Yield’s micro-segmentation platform identifies and targets high-value customers based on geolocation, past behavior, customer journey phase and more. A Dynamic Yield e-commerce customer, such as Urban Outfitters, can modify the onsite experience of website visitors and display personalized offers based on the geographical location of each visitor.

Dynamic Yield’s customer success team needed an easy way to demonstrate the platform’s geolocation personalization capabilities. Typically, customers would create an access control list (ACL) granting access from one Dynamic Yield Instance to their staging or testing environment.

Key challenges were:

  • Customer security: Customer success teams needed to connect to the Dynamic Yield Instance and access the customer from there, since it was the only IP address allowed.

  • Geolocation testing: They also needed to change locations in order to demonstrate the geolocation capabilities.

  • Management complexity: To get around this, some members of the customer success team used a proxy network, but it was complicated.

The Solution

“Proofpoint Meta enables us to set up a smart system for connecting our customer success teams to our customers’ data in a secure, easy to use and extremely flexible way.” - Ramon Snir, Senior Developer

Taking advantage of Proofpoint Meta and a full set of APIs, Dynamic Yield built a smart system for accessing customer environments, simulating access from various geographical locations.

Egress routes via AWS 

By defining a set of egress rules, Dynamic Yield customer success teams can connect to the customer site from anywhere, with the traffic always exiting from Dynamic Yield’s AWS Virtual Private Cloud. Customer success teams do not need a separate VPN connection for accessing each customer’s website. They simply connect to Meta secure remote access once and access what they need according to policy.

Egress routes via PoPs

Customer success reps can simulate any geolocation by creating an egress rule via a Meta PoP in any given location.

Customized UI

Using the Meta API, the IT team built a simple UI to allow customer success team reps to easily select the desired geographical location of simulated traffic.

The Results

“Thanks to the powerful APIs, we could automate our workflows and provide a very simple interface for our global customer success team.” - Ramon Snir

Fast, simple access

Dynamic Yield’s global customer success team can now easily demonstrate geolocation functionality using an intuitive UI, without any administrative or R&D help.

Reduced configuration

Setup and configuration were dramatically reduced for Dynamic Yield’s IT group. After deploying Meta, they only need to define egress rules. Customers can create a single ACL, which is sufficient for providing access to Dynamic Yield customer success team reps, regardless of location.

Enhanced security

Meta’s zero-trust topology allows for granular policies, with microsegmented access for each user device. This improves security both for Dynamic Yield and their customers.