Wedbush Securities—one of the largest securities firms and investment banks in the country—has been a Proofpoint customer for more than a decade. The partnership started with Wedbush purchasing Proofpoint Enterprise Protection to keep the firm’s mission-critical business communications free from spam, phishing attacks, viruses and other email-borne malware. The solution worked exactly as needed, dramatically reducing the volume of inbound email hitting employees’ inboxes and proving to be a low-touch solution for IT, with minimal maintenance required.

The Challenge

  • Existing, on-premise archiving solution inhibited rapid e-discovery
  • Needed a powerful solution to store and retain growing volume of social media content
  • Wanted to consolidate to single vendor to ease IT management

The Solution

  • Proofpoint Enterprise Protection
  • Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

The Results

  • Single SaaS-based platform is fully managed by Proofpoint— no hassle, no headaches
  • All social media content is captured in a single place to help meet electronic communications compliance requirements
  • Users can conduct own e-Discovery searches with results delivered in seconds

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