Research Paper

The Cybercrime Economics of Malicious Macros

The Economics Behind the Return of Malicious Macros Research Paper

How does an attack technique go from antique to blockbuster?

From malware developers to threat actors, cybercriminals are profit-driven businesses that focus their resources on techniques and tools that deliver the greatest return on investment.  Attacks typically evolve as technology and user behaviors change and defenses adapt. However, as email security solutions adjust, they sometimes take their eye off the previously utilized methods.

In this report, readers will learn more about:

  • The return of malicious macros
  • The attachment explosion
  • Drivers for the return of malicious macros
  • The actors
  • Malicious macro economics

Malicious macros initially spread variations of the Dridex banking Trojan and have, over time, been expanding on their features and capabilities in order to stay ahead of adapting defenses.

From the report: “Combined in a single solution, it is no surprise that malicious macro attachment campaigns have grown so rapidly in both size and frequency, and we can expect that they will only begin to subside when this equation changes and either their cost increases or effectiveness decreases to the point that they can no longer deliver the same ROI.”

Malicious macros are driving today’s massive unsolicited email campaigns and tricking end-users into clicking. Download this complimentary report to learn more now.