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What to Expect from eDiscovery in 2015

Find out how a focus on increased data protection impacts eDiscovery

On-Demand Webinar

A number of events have significantly impacted how corporations manage eDiscovery in-house. The cost of eDiscovery continued to skyrocket due to the explosion of data volume, while regulatory complexity and increased severity of sanctions created heightened interest in policy automation and control over emerging content types such as social media. We've also seen high profile data breaches, which has caused chief counsels, CISOs, and compliance heads to re-align priorities toward data protection.

Download this on-demand webinar featuring special guest Jonathan Rudolph, former Deputy District Attorney for the State of New Jersey and eDiscovery expert, as we discuss:

  • What will the increased focus on data protection mean to in-house eDiscovery processes?
  • How can organizations better address increasingly complex regulatory environments?
  • What do changes in FRCP rules mean to current data preservation practices?
  • We will conclude with a brief overview of Proofpoint’s Enterprise Archive capabilities in describing how corporations can be better prepared for the eDiscovery and data protection challenges to come.

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