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Data Breach Mitigation: Hardening Against Loss

Learn more about the latest research from Osterman Research on data loss prevention

On-Demand Webinar

The modern enterprise creates and stores an immense body of data, yet visibility into where this data is located and who is able to access it remains severely limited. Because of these limitations, organizations are faced with alarming risks, ranging from high-profile breaches to expensive compliance violations.

Download this on-demand webinar to listen in as Proofpoint's Joe Diamond speaks with guest speaker Mike Osterman, CEO and Founder of Osterman Research, about his recent research into the top challenges IT and Information Security professionals face today, what they expect to see in the future, and how they are tackling these challenges. Topics of discussion will include how to:

  • Mitigate the risk of a breach through continuous management of unstructured data
  • Quickly create file classifications you can count on
  • Audit unstructured data in minutes – not months
  • Reduce the size of your attack surface without deployment and management headaches

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