Illusive is Now

Proofpoint Identity Threat Defense

Proofpoint and Illusive, an innovator in identity threat detection and response, have joined forces to protect your organization from laterally moving identity vulnerabilities.

Leader in Identity Threat Detection and Response

In an ever-changing hybrid world, your organization depends on its employees, their virtual identities, and the endpoints they operate on to build and protect its assets. Threat actors have found unique ways to move laterally across your cloud environments by exploiting such identities. You need an innovative and agentless identity threat detection and response solution to discover and remediate modern identity vulnerabilities—a key part of today’s attack chain.

Proofpoint Identity Threat Defense, previously Illusive, gives you comprehensive prevention and visibility across all your identities so you can remediate identity vulnerabilities before they become real risks. You can also detect any lateral movements in your environments and activate deception to ensure threat actors are stopped in action before they gain access to your corporate assets. It doesn’t get better than knowing you can prevent modern identity risks and stop real-time identity threats in action, all in one place.

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Let us walk you through how Proofpoint Identity Threat Defense, previously Illusive, can help you identify and prevent identity vulnerabilities in your current environment, as well as detect and trap real-time threats in action.