Intelisecure is Now

Proofpoint People-Centric
Managed Services

Proofpoint and InteliSecure, a leader in managed security services, have joined forces to protect your organization and your people against cybersecurity threats and data loss

Leader in Managed Security Services

Technology is just one aspect of modern cybersecurity. You also need the right people and processes in place. But finding security experts to build and operate a comprehensive email security and information protection program is both challenging and expensive. Ramping up new employees to full productivity can take months. It can be equally difficult to retain them. And when they leave, your operations may be hit with unexpected disruptions that can pose significant risk to the organization.

Proofpoint People-Centric Managed Services augments your team with skilled experts to protect your organization from external threats as well as malicious and negligent insiders. Developed over decades, our best practices and maturity modeling help you streamline your program. With our managed services, you can improve your risk posture, reduce operational overhead and ease compliance burdens.

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