Attack Spotlight: Lookalike Websites Trick Users

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Attack Spotlight: Lookalike Websites Trick Users

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Be on the lookout for “lookalike” websites and links in emails, social media posts and online ads that mimic authentic sites. Attackers create lookalike websites that use known, trusted brand names, logos and images to fool users. Even our own brand could be illegally copied by cybercriminals. Attackers use lookalike sites for malicious purposes, like selling counterfeit goods, stealing passwords for legitimate websites and spreading malicious software.

The link below takes you to a brief (two-minute) module that helps explain the techniques cybercriminals use and how to avoid lookalike sites and links.

Link to Module:

(Note: This link will take you to the website of Wombat Security, a division of Proofpoint.)

You can also read the attached PDF for more information.

Awareness Module >

Teachable Moments PDF>

*We recommend that you download the PDF and attach it to your email. If you prefer, you can also include a direct link to the PDF.

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