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Insider Threat Series

Interactive Training Module Series

Cybercriminals are relying less on automated attacks and instead using tactics like social engineering to exploit the people inside your company. At the same time, many of your current or former employees may have access to a treasure trove of sensitive or valuable information, and could misuse that access for personal or professional gain.

Being aware of the threats originating inside your organization is more important than ever. Wombat’s new Insider Threat interactive training modules examine the potential for your own employees, either intentionally or unintentionally, to inflict damage.

This series contains the following mobile-responsive mini-modules:

  • Insider Threat Overview - Understand how to recognize insider threats and learn basic best practices to protect against them
  • Malicious Insider Threat - Learn through real-world examples and discover actions that help mitigate malicious threats
  • Unintentional Insider Threat - Walk through scenarios that highlight everyday actions employees take that cause, prevent, or mitigate unintended threats


Insider Threat Overview Module