Information Security

Proofpoint understands the importance our customers place on protecting the confidentiality, security and privacy of the data they entrust to us as part of the services we provide. In order to address our customer’s priorities, legal and regulatory requirements, and industry best practices, we have developed the Proofpoint information security program.

The program is owned by our Chief Security Officer (CSO) and administered by the Proofpoint Global Information Security group with oversight from the Risk Committee of the Board.

Proofpoint employs the following processes and procedures to secure our systems and protect our customers’ information:

  • Engagements with third parties to audit our program, which follows the Security, Confidentiality or Availability trust principles;
  • Privacy assessments;
  • Regular SOX audits;
  • Industry-standard logical and physical security controls; Multi-factor authenticated VPNs;
  • Continuous monitoring programs to ensure the confidentiality, security and privacy of our customer’s data; and
  • Documented escalation processes leading to notifications to our CEO and Board of Directors.