Information Disclosure Statement

Proofpoint is a cybersecurity company specializing in helping organizations protect against advanced cybersecurity threats and compliance risks. Proofpoint is not an email service provider meaning that it does not provide customers with the ability to send, receive, or store emails. We are also not a domain host and do not manage domain names.

In the ordinary course of business, Proofpoint occasionally receives requests from third parties to produce email data or other related records. As Proofpoint’s products sit between the email service provider and customer, serving as a filter to stop harmful content from reaching Proofpoint’s customers, Proofpoint typically does not have the information sought.

On the rare occasion that Proofpoint receives a subpoena, warrant, or other formal request for information, Proofpoint takes the following action:

  • Confirms the validity of the request. This includes checking the authenticity and legal authority for the request.
  • Contacts the requesting party to explain the nature of Proofpoint’s products and services. As Proofpoint is not an email service provider or domain host, we usually do not possess the records sought.
  • Identifies whether there are legal grounds for disclosing the limited personal information in its possession without the data subject’s consent or notification (e.g., public interest, nondisclosure order).
  • Where legally permitted, notifies the account holder and/or data subject of the request prior to production. Doing so allows the appropriate party to either consent to Proofpoint’s production or take the appropriate legal action.
  • As appropriate or necessary, resists the request by filing necessary court motions or objections.


Proofpoint is dedicated to keeping abreast of the evolving global data privacy and security landscape and complies with its applicable legal obligations wherever it conducts business. Proofpoint is committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality, and security of the personal data entrusted to us. Proofpoint does not take its responsibilities lightly and is committed to helping its customers protect their personnel and business from cybersecurity threats.

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