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Influenced by the enactment of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and a growing concern about the protection of consumer information in the digital age, California became the first US state to pass comprehensive data privacy legislation. Enacted in 2018, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) revolutionized individual data protection in the US by affording California residents greater control over how businesses collect, use, and maintain their personal information.

Multiple states have followed suit and passed their own comprehensive data privacy laws, that allow individuals to protect their personal data and require businesses to account for their data processing activities. As a result, a state-based privacy framework comprised of diverse laws and regulations that do not always align, has emerged. While this approach has made compliance difficult, it is unlikely to hinder future state-based data privacy legislation. As consumers become increasingly focused on data privacy, and the technology that uses the data evolves, we expect that states and other regulatory bodies will continue to enact laws and regulations that promote transparency and individual control over personal data.

As your partner in data privacy and security, we are dedicated to keeping up with the shifting legal and regulatory landscape. We carefully study and monitor the laws and regulations to ensure that our services can assist you with your compliance efforts. Proofpoint’s offerings can help organizations secure data, such as corporate email and social media accounts, which include personal information protected under US data privacy laws. Please visit for additional information on how Proofpoint can help protect your company from cyber threats.

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