Proofpoint and CyberArk

Protecting privileged users with a people-centric approach

Understanding and knowing who is being targeted by severe attacks and who has privileged access is crucial to securing your organization.

Augment Your Security Ecosystem with an Integrated Solution:

  • Detect and stop email threats
  • Identify your high-risk users
  • Apply adaptive controls to high-risk privileged users
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Protect and detect your Very Attacked People and their privileged access

Proofpoint and CyberArk enhance your security for users with privileged access through a combination of layered defense. Proofpoint prevents attacks from gaining access to your users and helps identify who may be at the highest risk. And CyberArk takes this insight and applies adaptive controls and policies to these high risk privileged users.


Protect VAPs with Privileged Access

Proofpoint TAP identifies the VAPs within your organization. And it shares that information with CyberArk to manage privileged access of those users who have a high level of threat severity.

Revoke privileged access for potentially compromised users

Today’s threat actors are becoming more sophisticated by using advanced techniques such as time-delayed attacks. TAP rewrites every single URL and provides click-time sandboxing for every one of your users. TAP can identify a malicious link when a user clicks it inside an email. And TAP shares this with CyberArk. Then CyberArk provides real-time remediation by automatically disabling certain features, disabling the user completely, or forcing a real-time change of password.

Contain and remediate attacks targeted at privileged users and high-risk assets

Proofpoint Threat Response helps you resolve threats faster and more efficiently. It enhances your security alerts with internal and external context and intelligence. And once evidence of a breach is detected (for example, if malware is installed on a privileged user’s machine), Threat Response creates an alert on your dashboard. What’s more, it gives you the ability to drill down to view detailed incident-related information.

Real-time insight on threats to help you prioritize and act on them

Email threats are constantly evolving. Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) evolves with them to detect and resolve new threats as they arise.

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