Percolate and Proofpoint Partnering to Deliver an Intuitive and Compliant

Proofpoint Nexgate compliance solutions reduce regulatory risk for brands on social networks

SUNNYVALE, Calif., – June 4, 2015 – Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading next-generation security and compliance company, today announced it is partnering with Percolate, The System of Record for Marketing, to provide social media regulatory coverage and automated controls for enterprise marketing organizations. The companies are working to deliver an integrated solution to help ensure both brand and regulatory compliance for marketing activities across social channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

“Monitoring your brand and customer conversations for compliance is complex given the proliferation of social channels and the public nature of posts,” said Noah Brier, CEO and cofounder of Percolate. “We are partnering with Proofpoint to complement our existing brand compliance capabilities by making it easier to find, catalogue and protect brand-affiliated social accounts. This can help our customers better understand who their target audiences are, where to interact with them, and how to do so in a way that maintains brand safety and meets regulatory standards.”

According to recent Proofpoint Nexgate research, the average Fortune 100 brand has 320 social media accounts across dozens of departments within the organization. Corporate marketing teams are challenged to embrace social accounts, and the benefits they provide, without exposing the brand to risk.

Proofpoint Nexgate social media compliance solutions already enable Percolate customers to find social accounts affiliated with their brand – whether created by an employee, partner, customer, or competitor – and categorize each account for risk analysis and reporting. Proofpoint Nexgate technology persistently monitors social networks for any new or fraudulent accounts. The Proofpoint Nexgate and Percolate integrated solution will give Percolate customers additional safeguards against social media fraud as well as malicious or inappropriate content. It will also provide customers in regulated industries with the peace of mind that their marketing complies with FINRA, FFIEC, FDA, SEC, FCA, and HIPAA regulations.

“The informal, fast-paced nature of social media creates a dynamic environment that makes identifying and keeping up with customer conversations a challenge for even the most sophisticated corporate marketing team,” said Devin Redmond, vice president and general manager of Nexgate for Proofpoint. “Proofpoint Nexgate offers a differentiated social media solution for regulated brands unlike anything else on the market. Adding this new safety layer to Percolate’s industry-leading marketing platform lets organizations focus on the more important elements of their campaigns including strategy, creative elements and performance.”

Proofpoint Nexgate solutions help ensure compliance as well as utilize Proofpoint’s market-leading expertise in detecting and stopping advanced malware, advanced persistent threats and phishing propagated through email and social media messaging systems. For more information about Proofpoint Nexgate social media compliance and security solutions, please visit

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