Expert Insights

Expert Insights

In this ongoing series, you will hear from subject matter experts who their knowledge, solutions, and support on relevant topics within the cybersecurity world.  

#ExpertInsights 2: How Cyber Criminals Manipulate the Shock State of Remote Workers

Your workers are 100% remote now… using their personal devices and personal accounts for work. Cybercriminals will capitalize on their shock and fear to cause as much data loss as possible. In this #ExpertInsights episode, we interview Tim Choi, VP of Product Marketing at Proofpoint, about how to protect your people from cyber crimes… remotely. What we talked about:
Jul 8, 2020

#ExpertInsights 1: Voice Archiving

#ExpertInsights 1: Voice Archiving Regulatory change can inspire downright terror in many of us. When that happens, the best thing to do is search for insights from experts.
Jul 2, 2020