Five Minute Forecast

Five Minute Forecast

This is the Five-Minute forecast, bringing you the cyber security news you need to stay ahead.

Jan 29, 2024: 23andMe Shares Details of Data Theft, Ransomware Payments Drop to New Low

23andMe shares new information about data stolen in last year's breach, ransomware payments drop to a new low according to latest research, and the FBI warns of tech support scams employing couriers to collect gold and precious metals from victims. Plus senior threat researcher Greg Lesnewich shares the inspiration behind 100 days of YARA.
Jan 29, 2024

Jan 22, 2024: Microsoft Hit by Russian Attackers, 3AM Ransomware Linked to Conti

Microsoft reveals details of month-long email breach, leading retail group suffers major ransomware attack, and researchers link 3AM ransomware to the notorious Conti group. Plus an update on TA866 from Selena Larson.
Jan 22, 2024

Jan 15, 2024: CISA Warns of SharePoint Vulnerability, ALPHV Steals 1.3M Records

CISA warns of a high-severity vulnerability with Microsoft SharePoint Server, ALPHV ransomware steals more than a million records from real estate services giant, and fake 401(k) statements fuel a new phishing spree. Plus an update on recent developments in the threat landscape from Selena Larson.
Jan 16, 2024

Jan 8, 2024: LockBit Threatens Health Data Leak, Crypto Scams Surge on Social Media

LockBit ransomware threatens to leak sensitive healthcare data, the FTC offers rewards for help detecting and blocking AI voice clones, and crypto-draining scams surge on social media. Plus an update on DarkGate malware from senior threat intelligence Analyst Selena Larson.
Jan 8, 2024

Dec 18, 2023: Play Ransomware Preys on Critical Infrastructure, Qbot Back for the Holidays

A joint advisory from U.S. and Australian cyber authorities shines a light on the activities of Play ransomware, Qbot malware returns only months after being shut down by international law enforcement, and an Amazon security engineer pleads guilty to major cryptocurrency theft. Plus 2023 highlights and a look ahead with senior threat research manager, Daniel Blackford.
Dec 18, 2023

Dec 11, 2023: Unpatched exploit leads to U.S. govt attacks, Nissan investigates data breach

An unpatched vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion has led to two attacks against U.S. agencies according to CISA, Nissan investigates a breach in Australia and New Zealand, and NFCs at risk from open-source bug. Plus a preview of the next Discarded episode on APT group TA422 from Selena Larson.
Dec 11, 2023

Dec 4, 2023: U.S. sanctions North Korean attackers, TrickBot dev pleads guilty

U.S. authorities move against North Korean attackers on multiple fronts, TrickBot developer faces up to 35 years after guilty plea, and further details emerge concerning October's Okta breach. Plus a holiday threat update from Selena Larson
Dec 4, 2023

Nov 27, 2023: Hacktivists breach nuclear research facility, FCC moves to curb SIM-swapping

Hacktivists compromise HR systems at U.S. nuclear research facility, GE investigates claims of an ongoing breach, and new rules take aim at SIM-swapping and port-out attacks. Plus updates on APT actor TA402 from Joshua Miller.
Nov 27, 2023

Nov 13, 2023: LockBit bites new victims, U.S. sanctions ransomware money launderer

LockBit hits world's largest commercial bank, U.S. sanction money launderer linked to Russian ransomware, and gigabytes of stolen Boeing data leaked. And Selena Larson discusses Israel-Hamas themed cybercrime.
Nov 13, 2023

Nov 6, 2023: Okta details breach, countries disavow ransomware payments, and Discord ditches permalinks

Okta explains how hackers breached its support system, global coalition vows to stop paying ransomware gangs and Discord ditches permanent file links to curb malware delivery. Plus, Selena Larson discusses TA571's recent pivot.
Nov 6, 2023