Five Minute Forecast

Five Minute Forecast

This is the Five-Minute forecast, bringing you the cyber security news you need to stay ahead.

12/04: U.S. sanctions North Korean attackers, TrickBot dev pleads guilty

U.S. authorities move against North Korean attackers on multiple fronts, TrickBot developer faces up to 35 years after guilty plea, and further details emerge concerning October's Okta breach. Plus a holiday threat update from Selena Larson
Dec 4, 2023

11/27: Hacktivists breach nuclear research facility, FCC moves to curb SIM-swapping

Hacktivists compromise HR systems at U.S. nuclear research facility, GE investigates claims of an ongoing breach, and new rules take aim at SIM-swapping and port-out attacks. Plus updates on APT actor TA402 from Joshua Miller.
Nov 27, 2023

11/13: LockBit bites new victims, U.S. sanctions ransomware money launderer

LockBit hits world's largest commercial bank, U.S. sanction money launderer linked to Russian ransomware, and gigabytes of stolen Boeing data leaked. And Selena Larson discusses Israel-Hamas themed cybercrime.
Nov 13, 2023

11/06: Okta details breach, countries disavow ransomware payments, and Discord ditches permalinks

Okta explains how hackers breached its support system, global coalition vows to stop paying ransomware gangs and Discord ditches permanent file links to curb malware delivery. Plus, Selena Larson discusses TA571's recent pivot.
Nov 6, 2023

10/30: Okta hit again, France blames Russia for cyberattacks and Russia faces its own attacks

Okta hit by another data breach, France says J’accuse! to Russian cyberattackers and mystery attackers target Russian government and industry. Also, Selena Larson reports on VirusBulletin conference.
Oct 30, 2023

10/23: ICC hit by cyberespionage, Spain busts phishing ring and DC voter rolls exposed

The International Criminal Court hit by cyber espionage amid sensitive trials, Spanish police bust phishing ring that stole data of 4 million people, and DC voter roll compromised in data breach. Plus, Dusty Miller delves into attacks that use fake browser updates.
Oct 23, 2023

10/16: CISA's ransomware playbook, Google endorses passkeys, and 23andMe prepares for lawsuits

CISA shares list of common ransomware vulnerabilities, Google points the way to a password-free future, and 23andMe braces for multiple lawsuits after data breach. Plus, Sarah Sabotka shares key themes for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
Oct 16, 2023

10/09: Social media fraud surges, 23andMe attacked, and MGM counts the cost of ransomware attack

The FTC warns of “staggering” social media scam losses, 23andMe confirms user data stolen in credential stuffing attack and MGM counts the $100 million cost of a recent ransomware attack. Plus, Tony Robinson details new ZenRAT malware.
Oct 9, 2023

10/02: State Department breached, a double dose of ransomware, and Bing AI serves up malware

Details emerge of a massive email breach at the U.S. State Department, ransomware gangs double down on victims with dual encryption, and Bing’s AI chatbot answers some queries with malware. Plus, Selena Larson discusses an unusual campaign using romance lures.
Oct 2, 2023

9/25: T-Mobile denies breach, conviction in BEC case, and Signal prepares for quantum decryption

T-Mobile under the microscope as new breach claims emerge, a successful conviction highlights the huge cost of BEC attacks, and Signal announces new security measures aimed at quantum computing. Plus, Bryan Campbell discusses a recent wave of attacks targeting Chinese-language speakers.
Sep 25, 2023

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