Information Protection

The Inside Line on Information Protection

In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, data is everywhere and people are the modern security perimeter. This shift brings a new set of cybersecurity challenges because people’s actions – whether negligent, compromised, or malicious — are the #1 cause of data-related security breaches. Join us in this series to learn how you can take a modern people-centric approach to information protection.  

Insider Threat Protection: What You Should Know

In addition to focusing on malicious actors trying to gain access to your networks and your systems, are you just as focused on making sure that the people who already have access are doing what they’re supposed to be doing? Insider Threat detection is one of the most underutilized, but overlooked aspects of any cybersecurity organization.
Mar 11, 2021

Introducing The Inside Line on Information Protection

Introducing our new series: Inside Line on Information Protection. In this show, we’ll welcome expert guests with diverse backgrounds in information protection to discuss topics like insider threat, information governance, and cloud security.
Mar 11, 2021