Tackling User Behavior

#TacklingUserBehavior 1: New Ways of Tackling Old Problems

Users still clicking phishing emails? Reusing passwords? Don't worry - you're not alone. In this inaugural episode of our new #TacklingUserBehavior series, we interview Kurt Wescoe, VP of Engineering at Proofpoint and former Carnegie Mellon University faculty, about how to achieve successful user behavior change. What we talked about:
Jul 8, 2020

#TacklingUserBehavior 2: Navigating the Complex Privacy Landscape

Security is like having a foolproof safe. Privacy is like telling everyone the combination. When it comes to the complex security and privacy landscape, where do you even start with awareness training?
Jul 22, 2020

#TacklingUserBehavior 3: Death to Death by PowerPoint

Wouldn’t it be great if security training were so exciting that employees started begging for the next episode? Security training should feel like watching your favorite sketch comedies.
Aug 5, 2020

#TacklingUserBehavior 4: Symphony in Your Security Awareness Program

We recently put this question to three security awareness experts: Where do you start with a company-wide training program?
Sep 2, 2020