Adaptive Email Security
Adaptive Email Security
Adaptive Email Security

Proofpoint Adaptive Email Security

Stop more threats, including internal phishing, with a fully integrated layer of behavioral AI.

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Fragmented email security
increases costs and risks

Siloed protections, before and after email delivery, introduce multi-vendor complexity and higher operating costs while lacking critical integrations to reduce risk.

Since 2012, more than $50B has been lost to BEC worldwide
Average cost of BEC
of security alerts received by SOC teams are ignored each day

Stop threats with continuous, adaptive email security. Get adaptive protection from before the message is delivered, through click-time and in the users’ inbox in one platform.

Integrated email protection
Adaptive Email Security
Fully integrated email protection using behavioral AI to protect against BEC and phishing attacks.
time and labor savings
Adaptive Email Security
Time and labor savings with unified visibility of behavioral threats and integrated workflows.
single vendor savings
Adaptive Email Security
Savings with a single vendor by reducing the upfront and ongoing operating costs of using multiple vendors.

Key benefits of our Adaptive Email Security product

Consolidate your email security with one vendor

Get post delivery behavioral AI, internal mail protection, real-time coaching and integrated workflows in a single package. Our holistic solution has the broadest range of capabilities and deepest domain expertise.

Adaptive Email Security

Universal view of all behavioral AI-based email threats

Get a universal view of behavioral detections and ML explainability for all inbound email threats. This integrated view is powered by the world’s largest and most advanced data set of known email threats, so you can be confident that you’re fully protected.

Adaptive Email Security

Keep users and security teams productive

Adaptive Email Security maintains productivity by delivering low-medium risk emails safely, defanged with real-time coaching to help users make informed security decisions. Admins save time with fewer potential events to investigate and remediate.

Adaptive Email Security

Rapid API-based deployment with Microsoft 365

We integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Graph API to stop inbound email threats. Historical learning is complete within 48 hours and protection starts immediately.

Key Features

Key features that of Adaptive Email Security

Cutting-edge AI integrated with the industry leading email threat intelligence

We automatically stop more email threats with a fully integrated layer of AI protection. And we ingest potential threats for further AI analysis, adding ML explainability to all email threats, no matter when they were detected.


Adaptive Email Security

Real-time coaching

With Adaptive Email Security, your users are protected. They are coached in real time with intuitive summaries of risks in their emails, helping them avoid socially engineered attacks.  

Adaptive Email Security

Stop Lateral Phishing

We use behavioral and content analysis to detect spikes in email volume and anomalous internal communications, when compared with historical email patterns.  

Dynamic deep learning

We check more than 250 data points on every email using deep learning, LLMs, NLP and more, with integrated threat intelligence from more than 2.8T emails annually.  

Turn people into your best defense

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