Modern Compliance

Compliance and Archiving

It’s not easy to develop a modern data archiving solution. Data growth plagues IT departments. Legal and compliance teams struggle to retain, discover and supervise content across channels. Proofpoint offers modern compliance solutions that make it easy for you to manage information risk.

Team Discussing Enterprise Archiving and Compliance

Meet Requirements

Reduce risk

Meet regulatory, legal and corporate requirements quickly and accurately

Manage the cost

Control costs

Manage the cost and complexity of staying in compliance in the face of today’s data growth

Greater Insight

Improve visibility

Get greater insight into your archived data means greater control and decision-making power


Capture, retain, discover and monitor digital communications to ensure compliance

Content Capture

Proofpoint Content Capture makes it easy to capture, manage and retain content from the tools your employees use to communicate. This information archiving solution helps unite and normalize your feeds across public social media, enterprise collaboration apps, instant messenger chats, text messaging and more.

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Content Patrol

Proofpoint Content Patrol makes it easy to monitor, remediate and report on social media compliance at scale. It provides you with intelligent classifiers, automated workflows and intuitive reporting. You get complete visibility into your social activity. And you can remediate compliance violations quickly.

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Compliance Gateway

Compliance Gateway keeps you compliant and in control. It gives you complete visibility into your capture stream. And it ensures that your captured communications are received by downstream services such as repositories and supervision tools.

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Enterprise Archive

With Enterprise Archive, you get a proven, next-generation data archiving solution. It leverages cloud intelligence for deep insight into your data, which helps you to reduce cost, complexity, and risk.

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E-Discovery Analytics

With Proofpoint E-discovery Analytics, you can process, analyze and cull archived information in house. This helps you streamline your processes and dramatically reduce the scope of your e-discovery costs.

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Intelligent Supervision

With Intelligent Supervision, you can streamline your SEC, FINRA and IIROC compliance. We provide you with easy monitoring, review and reporting across email, social and enterprise collaboration data.

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NexusAI for Compliance

With Proofpoint NexusAI for Compliance, you can use machine learning to significantly reduce your low-value supervision content. This helps you keep your focus on meaningful content. And at the same time, it reduces reviewer fatigue and the human errors that can result.

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