Data reconciliation and control for your compliance needs

Compliance and Archiving

Proofpoint Track keeps you compliant and in control. You get complete visibility into your capture stream, so you can ensure that captured communications are received by downstream services such as repositories and supervision tools.

Digital Compliance Guide

Get our Digital Communications Compliance Guide for a detailed look at compliance regulations by country and industry.

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Track and Audit

One-to-one reporting

Get data reconciliation summaries and detailed reports. See what has been received by each downstream provider and identify any gaps or missing content.

Downstream Reconciliation

Automated message resubmission

After sending the data to a supported downstream archive, supervision, or analytics system, Proofpoint Track waits for confirmation that the data has been successfully received by the system. If not, it resends the data.

Upstream Reconciliation

Automated message validation from the source

Proofpoint Track validates via upstream data reconciliation by using a source-generated manifest to ensure every message has been successfully transferred from every communications channel.


Content routing and filtering

Apply complex data reconciliation compliance rules to identify which messages should go to each downstream system. Target destination message storage by geographies or lines of business. Spread peak mail flow over a wider period to align with downstream system capacity.

End-to-end data reconciliation protection

Collection of communications across disparate channels can be challenging. Proofpoint Track provides assurance that what you have in your data store is every record from its source.

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