Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Cloud apps are changing the way people collaborate and run their businesses. However, this new architecture introduces new security risks. With Proofpoint Cloud Security solutions, you can govern access to the web, cloud services and private applications. You can also detect, investigate and defend against cybercriminals attempting to access your sensitive data and trusted accounts.

Protect your people and data

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  • Gain people-centric visibility into cloud risks: Identify your top users at risk and monitor for alerts with our powerful analytics dashboard. Use Nexus People Risk Explorer for security control recommendations to mitigate risk of cloud account compromise and malicious files.
  • Gain forensic insights and automate threat and data protection: Automate your security response with flexible policy controls, customizable alerts, and threat correlation.
  • Enable safe access to the web and cloud applications: Apply advanced threat protection and dynamic access controls, including browser isolation, without hampering user productivity.
  • Protect data against threats and negligence: Discover sensitive data in the cloud and reduce data exposure. Prevent data loss and ensure compliance with inline data controls when users browse the web or collaborate using cloud applications.
  • Augment your network with zero-trust security: Isolate your network from threats and restrict third-party access to only what’s needed using adaptive controls and micro-segmented application access.

Secure Cloud Apps and Services

Cloud App Security Broker

Get inline access controls, risk-aware data loss prevention (DLP), and advanced threat protection for cloud apps—such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Box and more—with a people-centric view of app access and data handling.

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Secure Users From Internet-Based Threats

Proofpoint Web Security

Gain visibility into web-based threats, control access to risky websites and cloud services, and protect your data while your users browse the web. You can scale easily with a cloud-native and globally-distributed proxy that integrates seamlessly with other Proofpoint Cloud Security solutions.

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Proofpoint Browser Isolation

Allow your people to freely access websites, personal email and cloud applications without exposing your organization to malware, credential phishing and data loss.

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Proofpoint Zero-Trust Network Access

Secure enterprise application access with a zero-trust security approach. A people-centric solution, Proofpoint ZTNA ensures your employees, contractors and partners have software defined, identity-based access to enterprise resources in the datacenter and cloud.

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Targeted Attack Protection SaaS Defense

Safeguard your organization against cloud risks in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Detect compromised email accounts, excessive data sharing and risky third-party OAuth apps.

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