Cloud-Delivered Network Security

Cloud Security

With Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), you can provide an always-on network security solution for your employees. This includes a software-defined perimeter for your corporate assets and a cloud-delivered network security stack for internet access. What’s more, you can choose solutions from leading industry partners.

Cloud-Delivered Security Solutions

Proofpoint Meta Overview

Employee A has always-on protection, including secure remote access to an application in the data center and internet security. Employee B has secure browser-based remote access to an application in the cloud.


Experience cloud-delivered network security and access

Mix and match your solutions

Cloud-delivered security doesn’t have to tie you down to one vendor. With Proofpoint ZTNA, choose DNS filtering, Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, and Network Access Control solutions from any one of our growing list of partners. You’re never locked in, and you can switch solutions any time.

Simplify processes with low-touch provisioning

With Proofpoint ZTNA, it’s easier than ever to provision your cloud-delivered network security solutions. It simply adds them to your user policies. With our cloud identity and access management, the intelligence from the device to our cloud security gateway is moved. This means there’s no need to install, update, configure and maintain multiple agents, certificates and PAC files.

Provide a better user experience with cloud scaling

Proofpoint ZTNA provides you with service-chaining over a cloud-native overlay network. This optimizes the delivery and performance of your cloud-based network security products. And it gives your employees a better user experience.


Experience the next generation in secure enterprise application access.

As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, enterprises need a better alternative for secure remote application access than the conventional VPN.

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