Secure Remote Access for Third-Parties

Cloud Security

Easily enable third-party remote access. With Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), you can allow your contractors, partners and customers to access the applications they need. All while limiting the risks associated with excessive privileges. By upgrading from VPN to our zero-trust security model, you get segmented, verified and audited access for every user.

Zero-Trust Architecture

Proofpoint Meta Zero-Trust Architecture

The zero-trust architecture restricts access for Remote Contractor A to one application in the data center and one in the cloud, whereas Remote Contractor B can only access one application at HQ.


Proofpoint ZTNA enables secure remote access for your contractors and partners

Reduce risk

Allowing network access for your remote contractors carries lots of risk. And it’s something that traditional VPNs weren’t designed to address. The Proofpoint zero-trust network lets you create an identity- and context-based boundaries around any application. What’s more, you can enforce a customized policy for each remote contractor’s device. And unauthorized resources are simply invisible, which significantly reduces the potential surface for attack.

Provide application-specific access

With Proofpoint ZTNA, you can define granular security policies and associate your contractors with specific applications and services, rather than give them access to entire network segments. Every user device has a unique identity. And this is authenticated, authorized and verified for every packet in real-time. Proofpoint ZTNA NaaS (Network as a Service) also integrates with IdP and SSO solutions. And it leverages certificates and a variety of second factors.

Easy onboarding and management

Manage access policies to all enterprise resources in your data center or the cloud, from a single cloud console. And eliminate the complexities of VPN configuration. Easily onboard your new remote contractors and assign policies based on their roles. And then send a link to enable application access from a contractor’s browser (for unmanaged clients), or a link to install the Proofpoint ZTNA client.

Enjoy a consistent, clientless user experience

Provide your contractors with a superior user experience, whether they’re using the Proofpoint ZTNA client or a browser. Compared to conventional VPN, their access is simple and transparent, from anywhere in the world.


Experience the next generation in secure enterprise application access.

As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, enterprises need a better alternative for secure remote application access than the conventional VPN.

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