Secure Remote Access

Cloud Security

Experience a better way to connect your remote employees, partners and customers to your data centers and cloud infrastructure. This includes tighter security, a superior user experience, and reduced IT management.

Secure Remote Access Architecture

Proofpoint Meta Secure Remote Access Diagram

The zero-trust architecture restricts access for Employee A to one application in the data center and one in the cloud. Employee B can access one application at HQ.


Eliminate the headaches of conventional VPN with Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Zero-trust network access for users

With a zero-trust approach for your users, you can secure your applications and network resources and reduce your attack surface. You can simply onboard your applications and users and define explicit, whitelist access policies. All access is verified at the packet level and logged for audit, compliance and analysis. Zero Trust Network Access is an ideal way to ensure a secure remote access or connection to any application or server.

Provide a better user experience for your employees, contractors and partners

Replace your slow, awkward VPN connections with a global backbone that allows remote users to connect to the nearest PoP securely. This provides your users with better performance and quality of service from anywhere in the world. Managed employee devices connect with the Proofpoint ZTNA client and benefit from always-on secure remote access to both private applications and the internet. And unmanaged devices can connect via a browser with no agent.

Experience always-on security

Just because your employees are working off-premise, there’s no reason to compromise on internet security. Using our patent-pending Split Tunneling in the Cloud, Proofpoint ZTNA directs internet traffic through the network security stack of your choice, delivered in the cloud to provide complete protection. Learn about our cloud-delivered network security and our always-on VPN.

Gain identity-based access

Every user device has a unique identity that is authenticated, authorized and verified for every packet. This is done in real-time, not only on initial access. Proofpoint ZTNA integrates with IdP and SSO solutions and leverages security certificates and a variety of second factors.

Get simplified management and audit

You can manage all policies from the Proofpoint ZTNA admin console in the cloud. This single point of management eliminates complexity and minimizes the configuration errors that come from having to synchronize policies across different products and locations. You gain complete visibility into all network access with a comprehensive, non-reputable, rich audit log.


Experience the next generation in secure enterprise application access.

As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, enterprises need a better alternative for secure remote application access than the conventional VPN.

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