Digital Risk Protection: Web Domain Fraud Monitoring

Digital Risk Protection

Proofpoint protects your customers, partners and employees from threats posed by fraudulent domains. With advanced online brand protection technology, we find domains impersonating your business and putting your people at risk. And we help you take action to limit exposure to malicious domains.

Features and Benefits

Secure your business against domain-based threats

Comprehensive Domain Discovery

With Web Domain Fraud Monitoring, if a domain infringes your brand, we’ll find it. We use a highly scalable detection system to continuously analyze more than 350 domains across WHOIS data sources. With high-quality intelligence and wide coverage, you get accurate details of any domains that pose a security, trademark or other risk to your company and customers.

Cross-channel Intelligence

Our research has found that nearly one-fourth of domains imitating corporate brands also have active MX records. In other words, these domains are ready to send emails to your unsuspecting customers and employees. We provide the only solution that gives you deep visibility into domains and their email activity. Armed with this insight, you can take action to stop phishing attacks, business email compromise and more.

Proofpoint delivers unrivaled threat intelligence on cross-channel attacks with insights from our award-winning Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection for EmailEmail Fraud Defense, and Email Security and Protection.

Actionable Visibility

Proofpoint gives you detailed insights on all domains associated with your brand. Our brand protection solution intelligently distinguishes between suspicious and brand-owned sites. This includes those you registered for defensive coverage, such as lookalike domains meant to stop typosquatting.

We prioritize risk automatically to help you quickly assess fraudulent domains that pose the greatest risk. You’ll know right away if a domain is part of an active phishing attack or is a dormant domain queued for a future attack.

Built-in Response

Our brand protection solutions make it easy to neutralize malicious domains. With the Virtual Takedown add-on, you can quickly reduce consumer, business partner and employee exposure to the riskiest domains. We also offer traditional takedowns through a partner. And our platform offers additional options, such as exporting domains to block using your email gateway solution.

Managed Services

With our optional managed services, you can pair the power of our technology with our Proofpoint analysts. They continuously monitor your domain presence to eliminate the risk of domain fraud. Your security staff gain a trusted advisor and partner to help safeguard your domain investments.

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