Domain Discover

Detect and respond to the threats from infringing domains


Proofpoint Domain Discover protects your brand and the people who trust it from suspicious and infringing domains. These domains highjack traffic, deliver phishing schemes, sell knockoffs of your products, and steal intellectual property.

Domain Discover analyzes a vast body of data and examines new and dormant domains to uncover infringing websites.

Benefits & Features

Comprehensive Domain Discovery

If a domain infringes your brand, we’ll find it. Domain Discover uses a highly scalable detection system that continually analyzes newly registered domains. The quality of our intelligence and breadth of coverage means accurate discovery of subdomains and URLs that represent a security, trademark, or other risk to your brand.

Cross-Channel Intelligence

Our deep visibility across digital channels delivers superior security protection against active attacks. Our email threat intelligence monitors for domains infringing upon your brand that are sending email. When this is discovered, you’ll receive an alert and can take action on this harmful activity.

Actionable Visibility

Domain Discover gives you detailed insights on all domains associated with your brand. Our solution intelligently distinguishes between suspicious and brand-owned sites, including those you registered for defensive coverage, such as lookalike domains meant to stop typosquatting.

We prioritize risk automatically to help you quickly assess domains that pose the greatest risk. You’ll know right away if a domain is part of an active phishing attack or is a dormant domain queued for a future attack.

Built-in Remediation Workflow

We make it easy to find and respond to fraudulent domains and URLs. Your stakeholders receive automated reports when we detect new suspicious domains that require enforcement. Integration with takedown providers and remediation workflow make it easy to track outcomes.

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