Compliance and Archiving Services

Premium Security Services

With Proofpoint Compliance and Archiving Services, you can leverage our team of experts to help you identify the range of issues you face when it comes to archiving and supervising your digital communications. We partner with you to help you develop and implement solutions that meet your business and compliance needs.


Get a sustainable program to maximize your resources and timelines


With our technical expertise, we help you through the initial configuration of your environment, and we make sure that your email is archiving successfully. Then we help you create your retention policy, configure authentication, enable journaling rules, and execute your test plan.

What’s more, we share and transfer our knowledge throughout the entire process. So you gain the knowledge you need to sustain your program and help you save time and money.

Beyond initial implementation, our team can also provide you with:

  • Assisted search—execute ad-hoc searches within the archive based on your needs
  • API scripting:
    • LDIF script creation—develop a custom directory sync of directory data (users and groups) via LDIF file
    • Legal hold creation/management—create or modify complex legal holds within the archive
    • Export automation—automate exports for archived messages
    • Search automation—automate repetitive searches based on keywords or message metadata



Best Practices to Simplify Your Legacy Data Migration

Data migration

Migrating data can be a daunting activity, since there are many variables to consider. Our end-to-end commitment can help you simplify the process.

We help you by:

  • Integrating with our extraction partners to provide a complete data migration experience
  • Providing you with a dedicated project manager who owns your overall migration process
  • Leveraging our extensive experience migrating huge amounts of data for some of the largest financial organizations

Best Practices to Simplify Your Legacy Data Migration


Combined, our consultants have over 100 years of compliance experience. So they’re highly skilled in understanding the regulatory requirements that face your organization. And through our services, we can identify and resolve common issues related to supervising digital communications—from email to social media and more. This includes spam, unnecessary reviews, lexicon development, supervision workflow design and others. And we learn your overall supervisory processes. This helps us identify the opportunities that make the best use of your time and resources.

Our supervision services include:

  • Maintenance—including rule refinement, workshops and guidance for ad-hoc requests
  • Supervision configuration—providing design and implementation of your overall supervision solution
  • Lexicon and rule refinement—analyzing, trending and reporting false positives
  • Reporting via API—delivering custom reporting based on your needs

Best Practices to Simplify Your Legacy Data Migration

NexusAI for Compliance

Proofpoint's next generation solution, NexusAI for Compliance, uses machine learning models to simplify:

  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • Investigations

Proofpoint's standard, out-of-box models automatically reduce and remove unnecessary content and false positives from review queues. This means review queues are targeted so potential issues become more apparent.

With Professional Services, we make adopting machine learning as a supervisory tool manageable and turnkey. Our comprehensive service methodology will assist you in establishing a machine learning risk management program which identifies and addresses:

  • Data Bias
  • Risk thresholds
  • Model definition
  • Testing
  • Reporting