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Protect your organization with a tailored security awareness program

The human factor in cybersecurity should not be underestimated—or undervalued. People account for most of the data breaches in organizations today. So it’s important to deploy and optimize your security awareness program to address the constantly changing threat landscape. The Proofpoint Managed Security Awareness team is focused on changing user behavior and aligning your initiatives to your organization’s culture and objectives. This allows you to optimize your investment in the Proofpoint Security Awareness platform. And it helps you make user education a strategic part of your defense-in-depth strategy.


Deliver a continuous security awareness program aligned with best practices

Best-in-class security awareness programs

Reduce employee risk faster when our team implements your security awareness program. We use our expert knowledge of Proofpoint assessment, training and threat intelligence resources to get you results. We support enterprises of all sizes in industries and regions around the globe. And we know how to optimize programs and strategize around behavior change. Our experts use our established learning framework and comprehensive cybersecurity awareness portfolio to plan and deliver your program.

  • Assess your users’ recognition of email-based phishing threats with customized phishing simulations based on real-world attacks
  • Measure cybersecurity knowledge and effectiveness of training through learning assessments that provide insights into users’ areas of strength and weakness
  • Use our culture assessment to evaluate the security culture across your organization based on three key dimensions: responsibility, importance and empowerment
  • Align education to address specific areas of concern, such as emerging threats or user-demonstrated vulnerabilities to phishing attacks

Continuous operational support

It’s difficult to find experienced security awareness practitioners who are knowledgeable about the latest threats, attack techniques and security best practices. And it’s even more challenging in a tight cybersecurity labor market. But Proofpoint can help. Our Managed Security Awareness team of experts support your organization by using in-depth knowledge of the threat landscape and optimal security awareness strategies.

Don’t let your security awareness program suffer from a lack of resources, time and attention. Let us help you optimize your investment in the Proofpoint Security Awareness platform and free up your internal staff. You can rely on us to plan and implement an effective program and handle administrative and deployment tasks.

  • Work in collaboration with us to define your program goals based on your organization’s objectives
  • Leverage our expert knowledge of the Proofpoint Security Awareness platform, tools, and training portfolio to get the most out of your technology investment
  • Relax in the knowledge that your security awareness program will continue as planned, regardless of any internal staffing challenges you might face
  • Meet with us on a regular cadence to discuss progress and identify areas for improvement

Integrated and actionable reporting

Our team gives you an integrated view of user vulnerability. This is done through our knowledge and culture assessments, simulated phishing campaigns, training statistics and PhishAlarm email reporting. We yield executive insights for stakeholders across the organization and at the board level. You get actionable performance analysis that shows improvement trends, areas of concern and recommendations for improvement.

  • Gain visibility into user knowledge levels and susceptibility to attack with quantifiable data and deeper correlational analysis by departments, geographies or roles.
  • Evaluate improvements against baseline data we establish at the onset of your program through phishing simulations and learning and culture assessments.
  • Receive reports securely via email for each activity as the program progresses or use our results API, which enables you to create dashboards through the BI tool of your choosing.
  • Identify risk domains within your organization and work with us to create a plan for strengthening your workforce.
  • Gain access to industry and template benchmarking analysis (if available).
“Data [from the Proofpoint managed services team] is very insightful and valuable.”
— Enterprise Architect, Global manufacturer of cable management products
“Massive value for dollars spent. We could only do one-third of your basic tasks and could not even conceptualize your strategic approach.”
CISO, Global equipment manufacturer

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