Technical Account Managers

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Have an expert at your side. Be sure your systems and posture are optimized.

Trusted, Expert, Personalized Guidance

  • Consultative Guidance: System optimization, threat landscape and reporting.
  • Hands-on Expertise: We live in the trenches with you, while leveraging global information to which we have access.
  • Alignment to Best Practices and Your Needs: We’ve worked with the most attacked organizations in the world; leverage our learning for your situation.
  • Strategic Partnership: From priority case handling to executive meetings, your success is our success.

Do you need a Technical Account Manager?

Our TAMs are highly skilled and are backed by years of experience in information security, email messaging, social media and more.

Premium Support Benefits

  • Are you able to respond quickly to implement new features in response to the ever-changing threat landscape?
  • Do you need your vendor to draw best practices and important new functionality to your attention?
  • Does your team regularly participate in refresh trainings, reviewing release notes, and planning for updates and upgrades?
  • Do you need/want your vendor to facilitate cross-functional communications internally?
  • Do you require internal change control paperwork for cloud services?

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